The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank

The first openly gay Congressman in the United States (and arguably the most influential gay politician the country has ever seen), the pioneering Barney Frank looks back on his four decades in office in Sheila Canavan and Michael Chandler’s intimate and incredibly charming documentary. Quick-witted and lionhearted, the film’s candid conversations with Frank feel like something you could keep watching for hours without ever getting bored. –Indiewire

Compared to What should prove catnip to political junkies. Given apparently unfettered access to their subject as well as his husband Jim Ready, the filmmakers wasted no opportunity. Endlessly refreshing in this era when politicians are mostly defined by their timidity. –Hollywood Reporter

This is a portrait of an accomplished man at the end of his career, and it looks back with admiration.--Boston Globe

Knee Deep

Funny and chilling, beautifully shot, cunningly edited, and eye-opening on every level. –Orlando Sentinel

A compelling cinematic experience. Knee Deep is a rural Rashomon. Everyone has a version of events, and like the masterful movie it most resembles, 1992's Brother's Keeper, it is up to us to figure it all out...Highly Recommended.–DVD Talk

Plays like a rural film noir directed by Errol Morris--hilarious and full of memorable characters. --The Phoenix

Documentaries don’t get any more compelling than this hilarious whodunit clash over a depressed dairy farm. --Pop Matter Top 10 Films

Forgotten Fires

If we wanted a real dialogue about race in America, we'd start with this film. Its strong dose of reality begs for an honest response from a wide audience. –Bill Moyers

A stunning film, deeply felt, deeply moving, and worthy of repeated viewings. --Anthony Walton, Mississippi, An American Journey

A remarkable journey into a young racist mind. This film is a disturbing reminder of the attractiveness of hate to the vulnerable among us. --Morris Dees, Southern Poverty Law Center

In addition to our own independent work, Michael has produced and directed shows for PBS Frontline, praised as “TV’s toughest and most perceptive documentary series.”

On Blackout:

is another investigative victory for the FRONTLINE crew, helping to make sense out of a complicated public issue.
--Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr., All Movie Guide

On Secrets of the SAT:

Behind the criticisms of the test, as the documentary makes clear, is a larger debate over the goal of diversity in American society.
--Walter Goodman, New York Times

On The Future of War:

Your hard work and unstinting research were clearly evident throughout this balanced and informative program.
--Gen. Eric shinseki, former Army Chief of Staff